About Us



Welcome to Juryz, a service that has finally digitalised the legal sector. Juryz was co-founded with one vision in mind - delivering greater access to justice to everyone, no matter where they are. Upon embarking on our law degrees and through interning at various law firms, it became immediately clear to us that engaging with lawyers is not always a straightforward process.


Often, clients do not have the choice between different lawyers, especially when they are facing time constraints and urgently require a lawyer to deal with a pressing matter.


One afternoon, we pondered the idea of how a digitalised legal service might improve the issues clients face. This is an environment which enables clients to select from a range of lawyers, and rarely, if ever, must meet face to face, instead, can interact through a single platform. Such a system was found to be cost effective, and would encourage more people to pursue legal claims, wherever they are.


Immediately, we began working on Juryz and within a year’s time developed both a mobile application, and website, that work hand in hand to provide users with an optimal experience.


After a careful study of the legal environment in the United Kingdom, Juryz was launched. However, our goal is to eventually make Juryz a worldwide service, reaching some of the remotest parts of the globe and allowing us to fulfil our vision of promoting access to justice to everyone, and everywhere.


Thank you for visiting us. We hope you too, can be a part of this legal revolution.



Sincerely yours,

The Juryz Team